Cocktails for two

Calling the Coolest Shots

Aquavit Restaurant.  Weds 11th October.

It wasn’t just the Rendezvous team who had such an amazing time at Aquavit on Weds, thank you so much for sending us such lovely feedback.

Dear Barbara,
Thank you so much for organising such a great party last night, it was absolutely excellent, fantastic atmosphere, venue and everything else. I have met some great people, fun, diverse, interesting and smart I really hope to see again, many new faces and some that are becoming friends. You are a  relationship magician and you seem you  gather amazing crowds that gel and have fun. What a great night :))
D x

Dearest Barbara
What a fabulous evening!   A great turnout, lovely mix of interesting people, beautiful venue and they offered delicious hors d’oeuvres (of course they would, they have a Michelin star).

Dear Barbara
Thank you for organising such a stylish and fun event at Aquavit on Wed.  The venue was superb and food absolutely delicious!
Thank you again for a really lovely evening – it is always such a pleasure to see you!
A x

Dear Barbara,
Thank you for a lovely evening on Wednesday evening. I enjoyed meeting you and making new friends.  Please keep me on your mailing list, I look forward to the next one!
C x


Giddy in Chelsea – 12th September

Goat Chelsea. 333 Fulham Road. Tuesday 12th of September.
Our members arrived for pre-event drinks (prinks) with the photo savvy Ms Laura Gub who is Brand You Max. Her company specializes in getting the photo that shows the best side of you. And we all want shine on social and frankly look hot to trot!
This September party signalled the start of the Autumn, and getting together with old and new single friends. Cherry blossom Bellini’s got the tongues wagging. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and stories.
The gang settled into the laid-back vibe at Goat, it has the comforting feeling of a place where we’ve all been before? Actually, come to think of it there were quite a few of us in the room who used to frequent this joint when it was a shabby Chelsea pub called the Goat in Boots….back in the day. I would know that because I was one of them! Those were the days when Rendezvous didn’t need to organize parties for singles – pubs were the place to party for singles – you just hit the right day of the week and hey presto – Giddy up!
But in the heyday of heads in phones we all need a little bit of help to meet some new friends and romantic acquaintances. And from the look of the room and numbers changing hands, it looks like our job was done.
Looking forward to seeing you all soon x