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Boisdale: The Art of Gin Cocktail Making

Tuesday 6th June.

If you think Rendezvous is just about matchmaking people – you’re partly right but we’re also pride ourselves in being pretty good at matching ourselves to brands to give our singles the best possible backdrop to a perfect social night out.

Boisdale’s last week was a balmy summer evening, buzzing, boisterous and bubblicious a bloody-brilliant Thomas Dakin Gin event in the back bar.  The effervescent and contagiously-enthusiastic head of events for Boisdale the delicious Mark Shelton and I hatched a plan a few months back to do a mash-up of our two members clubs.  Boisdale members to be mixed with Rendezvous club members.

This mix-up theme got our crew mixing cocktails.  And they got really involved!  Thomas Dakin Gin curator Alix Walker in his flat cap and waistcoat, shared his stuff about the history of Gin. Thomas Dakin was an entrepreneur and a forefather of Gin in the 18th Century.  At the time only the Dutch were dabbling with the stuff and calling it Juniper; the Brits took the fluff out of that name and got it down to a neat abbreviation that would roll off the tongue in any state of inebriation.  Cheers.

Our crew got to work behind the bar, shaking, swizzling and stirring in pairs, freshly  prepared cocktails were passed to new friends but some were just too good to give up!

Whatever happened the combination of mixing, stirring, muddling and laughing made for a superbly good fun night.  And just to conclude my theme on all things good starting with B (modest moi?) …can we just say Boisdale Belgravia – Back Bar….the coolest little cocktail bar in town.

Here’s the creations that Alix himself came up with and we got to shake up.

The Manchester Bee
Serve in Coupettes or Martini glasses

  • 35ml Thomas Dakin Gin
  • 2 tsp of honey
  • 25ml lemon juice

In a shaker stir honey with the Thomas Dakin gin until dissolved, add the rest of the ingredients.  Shake or stir with ice and strain into a Martini glass. Garnish with thin orange wheel float.

Tom’s Spritz
Serve in a Casablanca style glass/tall rocks glass.

  • 35ml Thomas Dakin Gin
  • Sugar syrup
  • Ground Black pepper
  • Basil
  • Lemon juice

In a glass pop the basil first and muddle, followed by the black pepper, Gin and sugar syrup and top up with your favourite mixer.   Ours was by fab mixers Brand Merchants Heart in their lemon flavour.

We had such fun with Boisdale we will be having another event in August.  If you would like to be on the waitlist for the event as it sold out quickly.  Please email


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BBB & JF and Lou

Francotastic Wine Tasting April 2017

Every year we look forward to the spring, the warm, longer days and Franco’s rosé wine list launch, unofficially considered the start of the summer season! What could be more agreeable than enjoying a crisp glass of rose accompanied by delicious canapés chosen from the largest restaurant selection of international rosé wines in Europe (seventy to be exact.)
Franco’s party is now in its 10th year and Rendezvous never being one to miss an opportunity is in its second year of our fabulous Francotastic wine tasting. A party of our very own in a private room and set up off the back of the launch party held the previous night.
Looking around the room and at the glistening pink bottles I had to think…. that’s a whole lot of tasty beverage – no hold fire (literally) I’m in the wrong film reference ….this is no Pulp Fiction of a night, I am certain there’s going to be some True Romance!

Franco’s director and restauranteur, Jason Phillips introduced the night and how the party had come about and the extensive list we would be tasting. Also giving the studious sorts a chance to answer the wine quiz and demonstrating how the Coravin system works, if on the rare chance you can’t finish that bottle of Domaine Ott you bought on a whim while flirting in the queue at Majestic; this is the gadget du jour!

Delightful entertaining and talented portrait photographer Stevie Roberts took the photos. I have got some lovely photos if any guests would like them please ask.

It was lovely seeing so many people travel in from so far and I’m not just talking The Shires, Brighton or Norfolk – there was Majorca, Monaco and India in the mix – you thoroughly international jet set crew you!

As the evening was winding up charismatic Gianmarco Franco (I’m always partial to a bit of Italian) sorted the quiz answers and we drew the name out of the champagne bucket – the winner of two bottles of rose was our good friend and Saga cruise Doctor Diane, she had already left to pack her cruise collection wardrobe and her Doctor’s kit to set sail the following morning. I’ll keep them safe, don’t you worry Diane!

Thank you to Franco’s wonderful team, you are a true credit to your business and thank you for allowing Rendezvous to be included as part of the unofficial start to the season…..Jason, Imogen, Samir, Gianmarco, Francesco.

Brochure pic

Love Surgery Tuesday 16th May Gallery

What a fantastic Love Surgery party last week; a huge thank you to The Playboy Club for hosting us and to Cosmo Landesman & Dolly Alderton for pulling out all the stops and putting on a very glamorous, fun and informative chat show. House of Elrick’s swanky gin cocktails got the atmosphere going, introducing a new Gin to our enthusiasts. One to one advice was shared by our resident love experts in the form of Date Coach Ané Auret and a throng of Matchmakers from posh agency The Vida Consultancy. The goodie bags disappeared in minutes stuffed with Chocolate’s from Artisan du Chocolat, a must have Champagne offer from Franco’s Restaurant, a copy of the new magazine on the block; The Amorist and the best bed side table book Icons by Coco de Mer.
Photo credits to the effervescent Mr Stevie Roberts.


Love Surgery 16th May


Join former Sunday Times It’s a Date columnists Cosmo Landesman & Dolly Alderton for a sit down treat of hilarious and edifying chitchat on all things dating, where we can share our most amusing or outrageous dating tips, disasters and nightmares.

Twice married, currently divorced Cosmo,62, has five failed proposals behind him and a lifetime of anecdotes and life lessons, while his blonde, short-skirted sparring partner Dolly, 27, already has a rich history of liaisons under her (suspender?) belt.

Their great on-page chemistry translates brilliantly in the flesh, making the Love Surgery a must for daters.  Watch the movie from our last event.   Film stars – I’m sorry, but we won’t be filming this years event.

Location & what’s included

Ticket price includes a welcome cocktail; seated Love Surgery fun and delicious with canapés.

At 9pm as the event draws to a close, we have a private area with a paying bar in The Playboy Club’s stunning room.


Cosmo being 62 and Dolly 28 makes this perfect joint Vida8/Rendezvous joint event, so expect a group of varied ages.

Date: Tuesday, 16th May, 2017

Party Size: 85

Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Cost: Members £80 male/female, single £50 - Non-Members £100 male/female

Dress code: Elegant Smart

Whats included: a welcome cocktail; seated Love Surgery fun and delicious with canapés.

Book tickets

Password: Love