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Rendezvous Club membership hosts four events a year as well as priority on our other 8 events. It opens doors to exclusive events at Boisdale, Nico Kos Earle Art, Franco’s and Bernardi’s & Mortons.


Step 1: Send us your profile (fully secure).

Step 2: Pay registration fee for Rendezvous Club Membership (£75).

Step 3: Set up monthly Club membership fee of £25. File your password so you can cancel at any time.

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Membership Includes:

Priority booking on all events. Up to £20 discount per event (value £160 per year.)

Priority on Single tickets (priceless.)

Boisdale Membership (£145 discount)

Library London guest passes and membership offer.

Free consultation with award-winning date coach Ane Auret (£125 value.)

Free consultation with Brand You Max Photography.

Invites to partner events; exhibitions, brand launches (around 2 per month)

Urbanologie lifestyle app (valued at £100 per year.)

Personal introductions (as long as you give us a profile first.)


For £25 a month receive this total package value of £475 equivalent to 18 months of free membership.

Monthly Prizes

Each month we offer our members the chance to win a fabulous prize worth approx £45 from one of our brand partners.

Dublin Liberties Oak Devil Irish Whisky as featured in our Whisky tasting at Boisdale in January.

Jazz up your January party

Easter chocolate treats from Artisan du Chocolat as featured in our Chocolate, apps and Chat event.

Chocolate, apps and chat

Sipsmith Gin as featured at our cocktails in the city after-party at Bar20 following our Suits you Sir party.

Suits you sir

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Hi Barbara

I hope you are well and all is good in Monaco.  I haven’t booked any recent events because I’ve been dating a lovely man I met at your Bernardi’s event in February. It’s going well and although I’ve love to join in the social aspect of the event below, it just wouldn’t feel right.

Would it be okay to put my membership on hold?

Best wishes

P x

From Barbara

Dear P –  that is wonderful news – I am so happy for you.  Yes membership can be halted at any time, either you do it by logging into your dashboard or we can do it for you.  We will miss you, but I couldn’t be happier.   B x