Rendezvous Club


Join our Rendezvous Club today for £25 per month and receive £475 worth of value.

In addition to our regular parties we also host smaller exclusive events for our Club members.

Registration is just £75 and you can use the link below to send us your profile details (they are kept confidential).

We then call you to complete your profile and answer any questions.



Membership in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Send us your profile (fully secure).

Step 2: Pay registration fee for Rendezvous Club Membership (£75).

Step 3: Set up monthly Club membership fee of £25. File your password so you can cancel at any time.


For £25 a month receive this total package value of £475 equivalent to 19 months of free membership.

  • Social Star
  • £25monthly
    • Priority booking on events (up to £20 discount per event; value £160 per year.)
    • Boisdale Membership offer with £145 discount.
    • 60 min Ready to Date consultation with award-winning date coach Ané Auret (£125 value.)
    • Priority booking on hard-to-get Single Tickets (priceless.)
    • Member prices (discounts) – there are 8 in the next 12 months!
    • Monthly member competitions (£45 approx prize value.)
    • Invites to exclusive Rendezvous Club events (4 per year.)
    • Discounts on luxury brands
    • Proactive introductions at parties (as long as you give us a profile first.)
    • Your next monthly subscription is free if you invite a new friend.
    • You’re in charge; you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

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