Lovely testimonials, from our lovely members


What an incredible evening Barbara Brudenell-Bruce ! Thank you for supporting us and hosting @rendezvous @goatchelsea. It means so much and what a bonkers, fun loving, interesting group of new friends we now have! Sally was breathtakingly beautiful, Mike is super cool and gets us, and then there is the infamous Topple Terror….. (are there enough words?). We’ll see how lunch goes tomorrow?? I always gravitate towards the naughty corner and it was wonderful to converse with like-minded intelligent and charming gentlemen and stunning women. You are a dream to work with and I adore you always. Well done on a really successful event and a great turn out with a diverse group of fabulous people xxx Thank you to all your organisers (especially Lou)! I think I got all those suppressed thoughts and inhibitions out… until the next time…. – Bethany Russell, Events Manager at Goat Chelsea.

I had a wonderful time attending Rendezvous events and have recommended them to many of my friends who are single. All have enjoyed attending your events - Liz – Doctor

“I just want to thank you all for a great evening last night. You made everyone feel very welcome. These evenings can be quite daunting! It was lovely to meet you and I went away with a date for the future! As I said the mix of people was just right. I have been to evenings at Dinner Dates and felt never again! I wish you the best of luck with this new venture” – L

Barbara, Bambi and Adrian

“Thanks to Barbara, Lou Lou and the team at Rendezvous for organising such a fabulous event that it was well worth flying half way around the world for! Goat Chelsea was an intimate and stylish venue, and apart from having to deliver my little speech on a podium fit for a preacher, I enjoyed meeting some new people, suitably primed with a cocktail that was completely wicked, and completely delicious.


I was fortunate enough to be set up on Date #76, (as per my newly launched book Men on the Menu) with whom I got along famously. If I was to compare him with a food or drink, I would say he was a very fine liqueur – well aged and very moreish. Life is all about taking little sips of happiness along the way, rather than knocking back the whole jeroboam in one hit! Thanks Barbara and Rendezvous for having me to your lovely soirée. I’ll try to make it back for the next one”  –  Bambi Smyth

“I’ve been to a few single events and been v unimpressed. Mostly, they have 20 or 30 guests, and most of them are women. That’s great for men attending like myself, but the ladies are always fed up. The calibre of guests isn’t good. Your event; by contrast was very excellent and it’s because of you….you took people literally by the hand and gently created introductions. I don’t know how you do it, (your social networking skills are impressive) and the calibre of guests you had there was superb.There were an equal number of gorgeous ladies and suave gentlemen, and that quality of guest made it an interesting evening of educated guests. Though, initially I was not really in the mood that night because of work, I was very impressed with your gentle persistence and the lady you introduced me to was utterly delightful. We have a date next week!!! I am excited at the prospect of spending more time with her. I will definitely come again and will strongly recommend you to my friends.”  – C

``Just a few lines to thank you for inviting me to your event at Nobu last night. It was such a lovely evening – it was wonderful (and a little scary) being ‘out there’ again.I met some lovely and fascinating people and I can see why your events are so popular! Thank you for looking after me so well. You put me right at ease when I was somewhat shaky on arrival and I loved the people you introduced me to!! Thank you so much, I will definitely come again`` - N

Great evening, - so well organised. Thank you for the introduction to C. We met some lovely new people. I am having a meeting later today with C, we have investment business we can do together and I discovered in him a fellow Bikram yoga enthusiast! I know G enjoyed it immensely and she has a date with a handsome lawyer for this weekend! She’s a very happy bunny! Well done, and thanks; a superb evening was had by all. - R