About Our Sold-Out Drink Pink Party

Tuesday 21st May
28:50 Oxford Circus | Market Place | 4 Great Portland St | W1W 8QJ

What better way to shelter from a freak flash flood than in the excitement of our Drink Pink party. Everyone had a story to tell of their determined navigation to 28:50 Wine Workshop, our venue for the night, and were soon calmed by knowing that just sixty guests got the lucky tickets to our very sold-out and exclusive wine-tasting party.

Why Drink Pink? I hear you ask – well, we were going to drink pink of course, but also we loved the lyrics from Audrey Hepburn’s movie Funny Face, and Think Pink sprang to mind. With its glamorous star and its light-hearted tone we felt it fitted perfectly with a spring rosé party.

We chose rosé tasting for May because,  for many wine lovers, nothing evokes the feeling of sunny spring days like a crisp rosé. Whether you’re enjoying a glass in the garden or sharing a carafe at an alfresco dinner with friends, a good rosé is summer in a bottle.

So after we settled into the excited chatter of the room, helped along by a chilled glass of delicious Villa Folini Prosecco for starters, and with the backdrop and warmth of our gorgeous room, we handed it over to the experts to let the proceedings begin.

Thank you, Mike Guthrie – 28:50’s Head Sommelier extraordinaire, for presiding over our Rendezvous Rosé blind taste-off.  We thoroughly enjoyed the England vs France theme exploring two captivating rosés.  And two distinctly different flavours with only their light pink colour in common!

We blind-tasted Folc Rose, a lively dry English gem of a rosé, sourced from family-run vineyards in Sussex and Kent and crafted from a blend of pinot noir, pinot meunier, chardonnay, bacchus, reichensteiner, schönburger, and dornfelder grapes.

Next in the blind-tasting was ….ah the familiar taste of Provence in AIX Rosé with its elegant salmon pink shade, enticing us with delicate aromas of fresh red fruits, peach, and subtle floral hints, culminating in a long and precise finish with a touch of minerality.

Now, we’re sure you’re wondering how the blind tasting ended and how the vote went.  I would like to say England came out as a new-to-the-Rosé challenge winner, but no, France still triumphed with the majority vote from you fine wine connoisseurs.

We extend our gratitude to Nikola Koppova, Marketing Director par excellence. She and her team, including the aforementioned superstar Mike who was fearlessly supported by Alex and Cam, are dedicated to crafting an exceptional experience and certainly did so that night. Until our next party, let us raise our glasses and celebrate the enchanting world of rosé, where each sip transports us to moments of pure bliss. 

Some lovely feedback –

From the newcomers –

“Hi Barbara, I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had last night. Can’t wait for July!! “

“Thank you for a fun evening. When will you be holding one of these again?”

“Just want to thank you for organizing yesterday’s party. X and I both agreed that we had a great time; we really enjoyed the evening, meeting some interesting people and exchanging contact details. Looking forward to seeing you again at future events.”

And people who have been before –

“Thank you so much for another great fun event. Nice wine and nibbles and some great conversations. Looking forward to the Moon & Stars party on 24th July! “

“Lovely party! Was great to be back! “

Drink Pink Party; Wine Tasting Party

28-50 Oxford Circus | Market Place | 4 Great Portland St. | W1W 8QJ 
Tuesday 21st May  | 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

We know you love the idea of a wine-tasting party. The song Think Pink from Audrey Hepburn’s movie – Funny Face sets the spring scene for our 2024 event. How cute are these lyrics!

“Play in pink, all day in pink,
Pretty gayin pink.
Drive in pink, come alive in pink,
Have a dive in pink.
Go out dancing but just remember one thing:
You can get a little wink
If you got a little pink
In your swing.”

What could be more sensational than a spring rosé tasting party to celebrate our favourite pink drink?

There are dry rosés and sweet rosés, pale rosés and dark rosés, party rosés and fine dining rosés. Rosés can be delicate, fresh, fruity, and generous. Whatever they are, that gorgeous pink colour signals positivity and something fun about to happen!

So, whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or a curious novice, come and join us for an evening of indulgence and delight.  This is a corking event not to be missed!

 Date: Tuesday 21 May 2024 

Party Size: 60

Cost: Tickets are sold in pairs male/female for £90 but please contact us for single tickets at £55 on barbara@rendezvous-london.com

Dress code: Elegant Smart

Whats included: Includesrosé wine tasting and a private room full of eligible guests.

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Code: Wine

Moon and Stars Party

NEW VENUE: A Literary-Inspired Cocktail Bar in Fitzrovia
Wednesday 24th July  | 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Imagine being invited to Lucy Wong’s Fitzrovia apartment for a late-night party with the who’s who of London’s 1950s socialite scene. Unfortunately, Lucy Wong has just had to leave to attend another glamorous engagement, but please make yourself comfortable and enjoy the companionship of her glamorous friends, who just so happen to be single, at a drinks party that could last until the early morning hours!

Our newest discovery, nestled near fashionable Charlotte Street, is a stylish Asian-inspired space adorned with Eastern Art. As you step into this tasteful oasis, take a deep breath and let the velour armchairs and cosy chaise lounges in the flattering lantern light embrace you. 

If the gorgeous interiors aren’t enough to seduce you into this social, we have a welcome drink waiting, and if you are peckish, you can order some freshly prepared dim sum.

Rendezvous hosts the best and friendliest parties. This New Asian fusion venue is the ideal setting for cocktails, conversations and new connections. Bring a guest of the opposite sex in their fabulous 40s or 50s to ensure an equal number of men and women.

 Date: Wednesday 24 July 2024 

Party Size: 60

Cost: Tickets are sold in pairs male/female for £80 but please contact us for single tickets at £50 on barbara@rendezvous-london.com

Dress code: Elegant Smart

Whats included: A welcome drink and a private room full of eligible guests.

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Code: Moon

Hello Spring Party – 26th March 2024

Home Grown Club | 44 Great Cumberland Place | London | W1H 7BS 

Despite the spring showers, our guests’ spirits remained undampened as they gathered in our private rooms; the Salon and Secret Salon of Home Grown’s Private Members’ Club. Attendees found themselves enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie. The intimate yet welcoming ambience of the club provided the ideal backdrop for our like-minded guests to engage in lively conversations and forge new connections. Some even took advantage of the plush velvet sofas, settling in for a fun effervescent evening.

Every corner of the venue sparked conversation, from the captivating art pieces to the exquisite colour-clashing decor. And let’s not forget the exceptional cocktail list which further fueled the evening’s excitement – it was Espresso Martini o’clock at the bar.

A heartfelt thanks to Pablo, Alex, Joy, Mastro Jessica, and the dedicated team at Home Grown, whose unwavering efforts ensured that each guest felt truly valued and welcomed. When the guests arrived they were greeted with glasses of Spanish wine, setting the tone for an evening filled with laughter and conversation. Pablo showed impeccable timing and great humour whilst serving delectable nibbles, including Mozzarella and Kimchi Arancini with smoked chipotle mayo, as well as Mixed Vegetable Crisps with a fresh cashew dip, and Smoked beef short rib croquettes. These were so well received as connections blossomed, laughter filled the air, and cherished memories were created throughout the night.

Some lovely Feedback –

From a newbie

Hi Barbara

“Thanks to you and your colleagues for a fab evening last night. Great venue and beautifully organized!”

From a Rendezvous regular

Hi Barbara,

“You, Lou, and Elsa outdid yourselves last night!  I thought with the dire weather the event would be sparsely attended– ha!  I think it was the best Rendezvous gathering I’ve been to!  The rooms were gorgeous and maybe that multi-room approach and club ethos made it a bit easier to chat to people.  Many thanks for including me, it was great fun!”

Baby, It Was Warm Inside

Martinez Club | 49 Greek St, London W1D 4EG

Wednesday 17th January | 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Our first party of 2024 and our last party at the wonderful Martinez club…sob. We were in excellent spirits as we celebrated, and that was even before the Tidal Rum Cocktail..boom boom.  As ever, our Rendezvous regulars warmly introduced themselves to new guests who were trying their best not to be terrified as first timers! Lou and Elsa are such friendly faces on the door, it was hard to get people away and into the main room, they’re such fun company. From there we were thrilled to see so many people pairing off to chat on those oh so comfy sofas.

And Dry January, what’s that you say? Although the Martinez Mixology team put a delicious mocktail together, people quickly progressed to the hard stuff.  That’s fair enough – it was jolly cold outside and the mood was so uplifting, why not elevate it with a fine tipple?

Our munch for the evening was a delicious mouthful of Skinny cakes from those fine folk at the Skinny Bakery. At 40 calories each, I think the consensus was, why not have two.  We went through 150 of them just fyi!

Cocktails, conversation and camaraderie continued flowing long after the event finished. Thank you all for coming out – we were so happy to see you but are so sad to see Martinez Club close. We can’t wait to see what Maurice does next. Wherever he goes, we will surely follow.