lemon pots at Avenue Cookery School

Food and Wine – The language of love

A night to look forward to for Rendezvous singles in my kitchen for a night of cooking. We are cooking up a fabulous flirty two course meal. With the right partner beside you, cooking and preparing a meal together is the ultimate turn on. The language of preparing food is sumptuous: sizzle, melt, percolate, coddle, fold and stir.

The main course is light and appealing, Thai salmon parcels; salmon enjoys a rich history as a natural aphrodisiac, the fish that is a sexual powerhouse. An excellent source of protein – essential for stamina – salmon is also loaded with omega 3’s, that elevate serotonin levels in the brain and thereby enhance mood. Vitamin rich, with a large hit of A, D, B and calcium, great for giving the all-important libido lift. The exotic Thai spices will be evocative of beaches and sunshine.

Lemon pots with rosemary, the romance-infused herb, it amuses all of the senses with its dreamy perfume, perfect for tickling and its intense flavour and comforting aromas are unforgettable. And perhaps, used at the end of this meal, it may be the right time and maybe the right person, rosemary may find you love.

Wine is also clearly held in high regard as a prelude to romance. That’s why we have my friend charismatic ex-Christie’s Head of Wine, Christopher Burr MW taking us on a journey of affordable alcoholic aphrodisiacs.

I can’t wait to meet lots of you in my kitchen and share all the incredible tips for cooking up a meal that may well become the one that starts something very special.

Until the 15th

Diana x

Diana Horsford

Diana Horsford chef & owner, the Avenue Cookery School

Diana was introduced to cooking as a chalet chef, before founding her own specialist food ventures – inc a catering company and a upmarket delicatessen in Chelsea. She infamously taught at Cookery at The Grange in Somerset for seven years before taking over The Avenue ten years ago. With a knack for trailblazing twists on classical dishes, Diana is an innovative teacher who brings an imaginative spark to the art of cookery.

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