Pin badge with name

Wear the badge madge

‘Where’s the badge Madge?’ Dame Edna would cry when one of his global superstar guests like Sean Connery would appear onstage without a name badge. The idea, of course, was to tease his celebrity guests by suggesting that they were not as famous as they might think; and the fact is that some people do seem to feel demeaned by having to wear a name badge, READ MORE

Abstract art

Understanding art is a little like learning to communicate with someone new

Abstract Art. What does all this talk about the materiality of paint and the balance of colour really mean?

The recent Rendezvous night at Cadogan Contemporary gave guests a unique chance to survey how the great abstract painters from across the Atlantic have influenced the way we view and appreciate modern art. It was a perfect little slice of abstraction, with four of the most exciting abstract painters from North America celebrating colour and gesture, as only they know best; and yet to many it was a baffling display of an unreadable and impenetrable form of expression.