How to strengthen your immune system

How to strengthen your immune system | with Eva Akerholm | March 21st 2021


As we start to go out and mingle with our families and friends again, it’s worth taking some steps now to prevent falling ill when we meet our loved ones.

Barbara chatted to a renowned health coach, Eva Akerholm.  The talk was a positive exploration of the impacts of isolation and restriction, and how to come out of it strong and healthy.

Eva talked about how the Covid pandemic has caused a number of factors that actually weakens our immune system at a time when:

  • Staying inside with no direct sunlight makes us deficient in Vit D.
  • Limited time outdoors reduces our access to oxygen and masks means we breathe in toxins.
  • The extended period of isolation with lack of human contact is mentally challenging.
  • Lack of exposure of the immune system to viruses and bacteria makes it weaker.


Eva’s long-held passion to support people to become healthier and find a balance in their life is paramount in this interview.

If you were unable to join us – please do take the opportunity to watch the video.  It’s only 30 mins and there is a lively Q&A at the end.


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Who is Eva Akerholm?

Eva’s passion is to support people to become healthier and find a balance in their life. She is a certified Health Coach who studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. The holistic approach covers, among other things, exercise, career, relationship, and spirituality. What we eat is driven by the way we live so by becoming aware of our cravings, understanding the impact of stress on our bodies and how lack of sleep impacts our appetite, we can start to turn life around, find balance and consciously eat and live the life we want and deserve.  A trial 30 min session starts at £20 to assess your health goals and to see if you’re suited to work together. Email: –


Immune System Webinar – 24th March

Wed, Mar 24, 2021 5:00 PM

Coming out of Covid in best of health

Join Rendezvous’ Barbara Brudenell-Bruce as she talks to health coach Eva Akerholm in this informative session.

Covid has impacted our diets, exercise routine and most importantly our social lives. We are all desperate to socialise.

Health coach Eva Akerholm glows positive energy; she’s joining us to share how to get fit and well for a post lockdown different world. She practices a passionate approach to support people to become healthier while finding a balance in their life.

• Hear why staying inside with lack of fresh air is harmful and why getting outside will help our immune system.

• Why fear and uncertainty impacts our wellbeing and causes stress

• Why an extended period of isolation with so little human contact is mentally challenging

Please join us, send in your questions ( and Eva will answer throughout the session, or write them live, on the group chat.

We want you to be your strongest self when you join us for our series of events at some time…..this year!

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Rendezvous gives you wings!

What a pleasure it was to host our first event since February.  Our group of 30 socially distanced guests arrived for a party and what a back-drop we gave them!

Things have changed since we last saw you.  There are a whole bunch of rules. Guestlist, check.  Name badge, check.  Heat test, check!  Coats yes, but it’s a rack and the staff aren’t allowed to touch your things.  Kiss Barbara, no.  Kiss Lou, no.  Elbow bump, yes.  Touch anyone, by mistake, no.  Pick up a welcome drink, yes, choose from five tasting tables for a bumper wine tasting lasting two hours, hell yes!

28:50, the luxurious Covent Garden space and sister restaurant to the well-established Marylebone Lane restaurant of the same name. Some thirty wines are available by the glass, bottle and carafe and start at a very wallet-friendly £4.70 for 125ml all served alongside a chic European menu.

28:50’s sommelier Daniel Sanna and the group’s super star Gina Lowen assembled the stars of his wine list and we were treated to tasting tables including:

Kingscote (East Grinstead)/Berne (Provence)

Kingscote Sparkling Brut 2018, Kingscote Sparkling Rosé Brut 2018, Kingscote Chardonnay 2019, Kingscote Silvan Bacchus 2019, Berne Inspiration Berne Espirit Méditerranée

Champagnes & Chateaux

Champagne Canard Duchene Cuvée Leonie N.V and Champagne Canard Duchene Cuvee Leonie Rose.

Château de Candie, Viognier

2019 Vintage, 28:50s own Vineyards at the Chateau de Candie in Chambéry, Savoie, France.


2016 Domaine des Masque, Syrah ‘Exception’

Marvellous Mirabeau

And lastly, our friends Peter, Natalie and Richard from Mirabeau showed up with a show-stopper of a table full of tasting treats including magnums of Mirabeau Pure, Mirabeau Sparkling rose and a tasty drink for those on the move (or perhaps the train or Uber home) rose in a can!

We were treated to what seemed like a never-ending flow of delicious canapes from Head Chef Julien Baris, including mini cheeseburgers, spicy hummus on beetroot crackers, truffle arancini and decadent artichoke tempura with aioli sauce.

The night ended on a high and us all wishing we could have stayed on and on.  As good nights roll this has got to be one of the best!