A fine romance, my good fellow…..

Love under the hammer.  Fellow’s Auction House.  Mayfair.  March 27th

Spring was in the air on this warm March night we had chosen to have our Love Under the Hammer party.  Guests who sprung open the exquisitely grand doors to Fellow’s Georgian Townhouse and Mayfair viewing premises were met by the marvellous Lou and the charming Fellows team with a glass of Champagne – Berry Bros. & Rudd Crémant de Limoux – nothing but the best for our guests.

No one knew quite what was in store for the night, because that’s what we like to do – mix things up and create new ideas for you to be introduced to something different, be it a new restaurant, a new luxury brand or just a new idea.  All concepts that create a stunning backdrop enabling you to meet new people based on your similar interests and in a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere.  Rendezvous can and should be a bit like an extended family, which is why we were so thrilled to be introduced to Fellows.

Run by charming sisters Alexandra and Nicola Whittaker, whose mother Jayne Whittaker (née Fellows) is the sixth generation of Fellows to work in the business.  Fellows is very much a family affair.

Last year, Fellows broke a house record with an Omega Speedmaster going for £90,000; they have sold in excess of 2,000 designer accessories, which included more than 30 of the highly-coveted Hermès Birkin handbags. Their star auction in November 2018 sold a large single-stone diamond ring, weighing in at over 13cts. The emerald-cut diamond sold for £310,500, shortly followed by a very impressive diamond fringe necklace sold for £177,160!

Our guests could digest the fact that they were not about to be involved in an auction – although one fine fellow did manage to involved in an auction later on…enough said on that!  We were delighted to be knowledge-imparted by Fellows specialists on all manner of things.  Despite the ground floor room serving as an enticing magnet for the ladies all keen to know how to spot a fake Hermès or a fake Chanel handbag, the room was also full to the brim with men – in an ‘always find you in the kitchen at parties’ squished room. The next handbag auction is scheduled for 29th April.



Meanwhile, the real business was going on upstairs.  One delighted guest found a watch he fell in love with and registered himself to bid on it at the watch auction taking place on 2nd April.  Similarly, one elegant lady brought in a family heirloom– a stunning diamond bracelet. Fellows’ specialists valued it at £5,000. You might see it or something similar in their next Fine Jewellery auction that is set to happen on 16th May.

All the while as we were looking, learning and being wowed, there was a constant flow of champagne and delicious canapes.  The spectacularly sumptuous feast ranged from perky bloody Mary arancini, to wild mushroom tartlets to pork croquettes with apple dipping sauce.

It was wonderful to meet new guests who were introduced to us by Fellows.  Didn’t we all fit in to a T!

If you’d like to be a customer, why not bring that family heirloom that you’ve been thinking about selling; the experts will gladly tell you if they could sell it and for what starting price.  Please contact alexandra@fellows.co.uk or sign up to their email alerts. You’ll be the first to know when catalogues.

Some Lovely Feedback

Hi Barbara,
What a fun evening, fab venue, fizz and canapes. I enjoyed trying on some of those beautiful watches and chatting to the very engaging Fellows staff. See you soon!
T x

Hi Barbara
Thank you very much again for organising another super party:  it was all great fun although I cannot pretend, I mastered the intricacies of jewellery or handbags.
It was a fun night nonetheless!
B x

Dear Babs
Great event on Wednesday ‘Love Under the Hammer’ venue beautiful, canapés totally delicious, Prosecco flowed, Fellowes auctioneers very knowledgeable and quite funny…and some fabulous guests to chat to…a very different dynamic being smaller numbers.
N x


About Venus & Mars

Tuesday, February 26, Bocconcino Restaurant

What on earth was our Venus and Mars party all about, you might rightly ask.  Well, we wanted to create something to trump a Valentine’s party, throw a psychic love coach in the mix and introduce you to a fabulous Italian restaurant and gorgeous party space at Bocconcino Mayfair.


Valentine’s Day is officially the most romantic day on the calendar.  Right, but what is the most romantic day as far as the starry heavens are concerned?  It’s the day those tempestuous lovers Venus and Mars come into closest contact.  Now the chances of them doing that on February 14th are about one in 365, but this year they weren’t far off. Having consulted the Rendezvous astrologer we were privy to the saucy fact that February 26th was the day when Venus and Mars would be locked in their tightest embrace in the passionate, fiery sign of Pieces. So that’s the day we held our star-crossed February party.


Our party proved to be pure genius on every level. It was an unseasonably warm February night – temperatures had hit a crazy high of 18 degrees during the day.  Bocconcino’s windows were adorned with incredible pink flowers – February in Bloom! Bocconcino certainly is an absolute gem of a venue. We were provided with a great room to entertain our guests and what a guest list it was! We were looked after in the most perfect style by Bocconcino’s truly wonderful staff, Lily who curated and oversaw the entire event, Simone, duty manager. Maurizio, sommelier, Giuseppe, Debora and Luciano, bar, who helped create a delicious ambience that set us up for a splendid night.


Our club members arrived first and got first dibs for a psychic reading with Alison Chang Lung – who was very busy all night.  Please do let us know if you would like to be connected.


One guest commented that he had raced to London on the fast train from Glasgow and was rather miffed his first-class ticket included a posh meal as he was eyeing up head chef Marco’s delicious platters.  We feasted on literally a smorgasbord of Italian sharing platters, Focaccia al Rosmarino, Selezione di Salumi Toscani and the most ridiculously good Italian pizzas you’ve ever tasted.  It’s no surprise that BOCCONCINO won both the Diners Choice and Square meal Awards in 2018.

Thank you Bocconcino for treating one lucky guest who left her business card, with a scrumptious dinner for two, she couldn’t believe her luck when we announced her as winner!

And it really is kind of so many guests to ping me a quick note of thanks.

Here’s some of the lovely feedback we received…


Hi Barbara

Thank you very much for making me most welcome at the party last evening.  I met a number of interesting people and enjoyed the evening very much.

You have clearly a huge talent for putting people together and running a very good party.  Well done!

Look forward to the next one.

Best  E


Hello Barbara,

Thank you for organising another lovely evening. The venue was superb and fitted the group really well and the staff could not have been more professional. The food was delicious too!

By the way, it will be my last DD event as my experience has not been very positive – you have spoiled me by delivering exactly what you say you will deliver!

P x


Dear Barbara,

Thank you for another great evening, great atmosphere, quality nibbles and great company.  I especially liked X, lovely man, we had such a good conversation, I am hoping he will be at the next event 🙂

T x

Dear Barbara

Another great event last night!

Lovely venue, lots of new people

And good to meet up with all the regular rendezvous friends I’ve made!!

Please put me down for the next one

Love Suzanne xxx

Good evening,

I attended your wonderful event this evening with my friend X and met a lovely woman called X. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to take her number and I am wondering if you would kindly pass mine on and she can contact me if she wishes to.

Best T.


About Jazz January Whisky and Chocolate

Tuesday, Jan 15th.  Boisdale of Belgravia

So around a windy mishmash of rooms we went – that being the eccentric approach to our private room in Boisdale of Belgravia the Auld Restaurant, its own cute stand-alone party venue within a party restaurant which was the venue of our January party. But then there’s a lot about Boisdale that’s eccentric, which, no surprise, is exactly what attracted us to the kooky-kitsch, red-walled, tartan-clad, cigar-smoking, jazz-loving group of restaurants in the first place!
With its charming and capable fun-pectation team, what could possibly go wrong?
Led by delightfully capable Head of Events, Miranda Hadsley-Chaplin, and cocktail maestro team Glen and Jose, they introduced us to a cocktail so delicious you really must try it at home.


Whisky sour with a twist
1 part Isle of Arran Whisky

2 parts lemon juice
2 dashes of Crème de Cacao

You can top up with fizzy water, if this version is too perky.
Stir, strain in a rocks-filled glass and garnish with lime


The night took off at a gallop and there were so many of us we were split into two groups. Boisdale’s Glen Collins ably stepped into the Whisky Ambassador shoes with his charming way led the assault on our palates with a glorious taste tour and masterclass. But wait, where’s the assault of Whisky proportions as we know it? This combination of whisky and chocolate is mellow – a warm, palette pleasing sensation, decidedly rich but decidedly dammed fine!
As Glen charmed our palates with his whiskey non-assault course, delightful elocutionist and Artisan du Chocolates ambassador Danny wowed us with a chocolate pairing combination that really hit the spot. She paired:

Robert Burns single malt with maple syrup sea salt caramel – No11

The Arran Malt 10-year old with Tasmanian honey dark chocolate ganache

The Arran Malt Amorone cask aged with tarragon and maple syrup milk chocolate ganache

Boisdale provided some post-whisky tasting snacks to keep the crowd er….standing, we were bolstered up with delicious Welsh rarebit bites and smoked artisan sausages with honey and mustard, yum!

Blending our two groups of 25 into one big group of 50 in our private Auld restaurant our boisterous crowd barely drew breath. Lots of new friendships were formed, numbers exchanged and, empowered with our deeper awareness of whisky and chocolat, we snuck back around the windy passageway. Eventually, that is – the party was so enthusiastic nobody (including moi) wanted to leave.  What a blast! To everyone involved in setting up this epic fun-feast, let’s do it again soon!


And some lovely feedback: –


Thanks for last night.  Great organization and ideal venue.  It was a great evening.  Enjoyed chatting with May and Lou and X is quite a card – I must call her!

J x

Hi B

Thanks for a wonderful evening, met some interesting people!  X, a fellow Scot, was a bit of alright…..!

C x

Hello B

What a wonderful evening!!! Thank you so much although my head is a little sore as I was part of a small group that stayed on and closed Boisdale’s down! The attendees were interesting, entertaining and great fun.  Look forward to seeing the whole gang again soon!

B x