Our Rosé Revolution Party

Rosé Revolution Party   Thursday 2nd May 2019

Every year we look forward to the spring, the warm, longer days and Franco’s rosé wine list launch, unofficially considered the start of the summer season! What could be more agreeable than enjoying a crisp glass of rosé accompanied by delicious canapés chosen from the largest restaurant selection of international rosé wines in Europe (seventy to be exact.)

Franco’s party is now in its 11th year and Rendezvous never being one to miss an opportunity is in its third year of our fabulous Rosé Revolution wine tasting.  A party of our very own in a private room and set up off the back of the launch party held during the same week.

Looking around the room and at the glistening pink bottles I had to think…. that’s a whole lot of tasty beverage – no hold fire (literally) I’m in the wrong film reference ….this is no Pulp Fiction of a night, I am certain there’s going to be some True Romance!

Franco’s Restaurant Manager Samir AitAftis, (Sam) spoke about the event and introduced the night and how the party had come about and the extensive list we would be tasting.  We had our own bespoke tasting booklets to make notes, perfect for flirty comparative conversation later….

We were wowed with delicious canapes including smoked salmon with crème fraiche & chive, saffron arancino, Parma ham & taleggio and ricotta & spinach tortellini.

As the evening was winding up, we collected up a bunch of business cards and drew the prize out of a champagne bucket (of course we did) Angela won the dinner for four generously donated by Franco’s.  I wonder who she chose to go along with her?!

Thank you to Franco’s wonderful team, you are a true credit to your business and thank you for allowing Rendezvous to be included as part of the unofficial start to the season …..Jason, Georgie, Samir, Julia

Barbara Brudenell-Bruce

Barbara is a classic entrepreneur; her career has been defined by a series of iconic start-ups within telecoms, entertainment and fashion. She leads Investor Relations for a London-based consultancy raising capital for entrepreneurs. Alongside financial matchmaking she represents exclusive offline matchmaking agency Vida in London & Monaco, connecting their UHNW clients. Barbara’s innate sense of what it takes to fit people together, with a flair of hosting exquisite events, makes her a social anchor for all that know her.

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