Garden Delights; Made in Chelsea Party

13th March 2018

Our backdrop for last week’s spring party was the ever-popular Chelsea Institution, Brinkley’s. Their restaurants and bars are the most exciting and interesting people watching venues in town.

Our party planstress Olivia (Olly) Brinkley is a delightful chip off her mother Jenny’s sophisticated and svelte block if ever your offspring could be one.   Welcoming us in her friendly and effervescent manner and cleverly coming up with the wonderful welcome cocktail of Raspberry Kiss.  Remembering back to when we first met, we literally did not come up for air, so excited was our conversation about how the dating industry works from all sides – Matchmaking, online dating, our own face-to-face parties, there was so much to discuss and dare I say divulge  – we have got to be in one of the most interesting businesses on the planet!

The evening in March was devoid of any beast in the weather description, zero Beast from the East or Mini Beast. In fact not a beast in sight, our guest list was a very well turned out crowd a point well noted and observed by our two lovely guests from Richochet TV.  Ricochet is the award-winning television company who makes First Dates, Who Do You Think You Are? and Little Big Shots.  They are creating a new show on dating and they’d heard about our famous parties and wanted to be inspired by our guests.   I wonder if they swept up any future TV stars?

Some guests who dropped in from Europe to join us welcomed us, having decided to have a late lunch before the event, they were in the spirit for a party! The room soon became tightly packed in that nice friendly way. The crowd loved the array of delicious canapes including Brie and Goat’s cheese tarts, calamari with harissa mayo and chicken gyozas as they streamed effortlessly through the room by capable pretty staff.  Our guest list mixed palatably with Brinkley’s regulars and the rest is as they say perfect-party-compatible history. The party gang moved next door to continue an impromptu session with new and old friends, we hear numbers were exchanged and laughter was heard at the bar until closing.

Now rumour has it from two of our male guests that they returned with a crowd of new friends to celebrate on Saturday. Brinkley’s is undeniably one of the best places in Chelsea, to chill, party or even dare we suggest it have a date.



Lady Luck Party Feb. 2018

As the Beast from the East, the worst storm to hit the UK in decades, raged outside; inside in the unstoppably exciting Lola’s Casino – nothing was going to rain on our parade!

Thank you so much to everyone who made it through the crazy weather conditions, you are troopers!  And to those who were completely snowed in, you were missed – you know who are you!

Greeting us at the door was a marvellous 808 Whisky Caipirinha, providing a welcoming perk-up on arrival.

Over in the casino we had two private Learn-to-Play tables with Roulette and Blackjack to tempt the players and the gamblers.

808’s Brand Ambassador Andy led a tasting of 808 Whisky, so soft it was our ladies that were leading the fan club – and such an entertaining club they were that Andy stayed for the duration of the night – way to go ladies!


Psychic Love Coach Alison Chan Lung, had a queue back as far as the Whisky Bar and was an absolute hit.  I’d love to be a fly on the wall to hear her predictions!

We feasted on delicious canapes including USDA Beef Sliders, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Smoked Salmon Blinis, Croquettes with Parma ham and my personal favourite Goats Cheese Lollipops.  Yum!

We were all given a £50 token to go and play in the main casino, so tactile those poker chips, we all felt like the real gambling deal.

Thank you Hippodrome for being such five star professionals throughout the night – very impressive indeed, we look forward to coming back next year!

Three Billboards: One Profile

Do you ever feel like Frances McDormand’s character in the cult Oscar-nominated movie Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.   You’ve got something to say, but no one’s paying attention.  Like a billboard in a sleepy town or even worse a desert.

You’ve created your profile on the top online dating sites, but the only people swiping right are the losers that have bulk-swiped in order to hit every female in their search bracket.  You want to turn this around and fast, before you lose the will to live.

Having run offline dating events for a number of years, and met so many lovely, real people; the biggest thing I notice when I look at online dating photos is the inconsistency.  If I see three or four photos and each one looks like a different person, I think – will the real ‘X’ please stand up!

Some helpful tips

Don’t use shopping lists:- we shouldn’t shop for a potential partner in the same way we shop for a new camera or computer.

  1. Compact and travels well
  2. Selfie-stick optional
  3. Dresses in a range of colours
  4. Photographs well in good lighting
  5. Instagram filter Juno is favourite.

We all love a list, but save it for the day job, and think of your profile as a piece of targeted content to sell yourself in. The short elevator pitch billboard that would make you think – I know that person, or more to the point, I want to know that person.

Choose a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and a location that makes you feel happy.   My friend Laura Gub photographed me in a bar with a glass of wine.  Not too out of my comfort zone there!

During the photoshoot, make sure you look at the digital photos and understand what you look like.  If you are not making enough effort to show the real you, now’s the time to do it.  Create fantastic thoughts in your head and have a great time. You’re worth it.

And if you’re still not happy with the final cut, there’s nothing wrong with softening the picture with a filter, as long as it still looks like you.

People love to see happy smiling versions of you.   A photograph with a couple of friends and with you in centre is ideal; being surrounded by our loved ones makes us feel happy and secure and it shows.

And the words

In your profile, don’t dwell on the negatives, however large they loom in your life. ‘Happily divorced’ reads better than ‘Just got rid of vile ex’. for example.  Make the quirky bits part of your overall charm. Those of us who don’t look or live like movie stars often have the most interesting hobbies, the funniest stories, and the best sets of skills. I like to read profiles that mix approachably ordinary (cinema, restaurants, children happy in school or university.) and with the interestingly different – ‘Climbed Kilimanjaro;- wrote a book;- started a new business- you get the picture.

Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Own your differences, know your dreams, and open yourself up to the unexpected.  If you create a profile with a story you’d want to hear, who knows who may be out there who wants to listen?


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