Thank you Italian Greyhound!

Wednesday 1st of September 2021

The Italian Grey Hound: Garden Room:  Marylebone W1.

Our ‘Italian Job’ party was a roaring and cheeky success, despite the absence of either Michael Caine or a fleet of red, white, and blue minis!

We love having our very own room – the naughty corner in the basement bar, complete with an outside courtyard that was clearly the place to be.  ‘You will always find me in the courtyard at parties’, as Jonah Louie would have sung had he been there, and boy, he should have been.

A delicious, chilled glass of their Italian Grillo greeted us, and then a procession of gorgeous bite-sized Pizzettas – with colourful aphrodisiac toppings:

Vesuvius tomato, anchovy, oregano & wild rocket

Calabrian chilli sausage, wild chicory, Stracciatella

Yellow peach, Prosciutto di Norcia, ricotta, basil

We were joined by radiant Health Coach Eva Akerholm. She spoke with several guests who had different issues ranging from wanting to lose weight, managing stress, increasing energy levels and specific dietary issues. If you would like to contact her, her email is

The transformed Bernardi’s was the perfect setting for our singles to mingle. It’s spacious garden room and restaurant refreshed with subtle hues, think Farrow & Ball and stripey awnings with plenty of vibrant outdoor space. Loving the new name too – out with The Doghouse private room, in with The Italian Greyhound.  Woof woof!

More marvellous memories were made in this W1 basement gem, adding to the many we have gathered over the years.

Thank you, Italian Greyhound, for being such generous hosts. We enjoyed it immensely and look forward to returning to this chic bar and restaurant as a regular rendezvous favourite Date Nightspot.

Some lovely feedback –

Dear Barbara

Thank you for organising yesterday evening’s superb event at The Italian Greyhound and for kindly finding a ticket for me in time. I had the most wonderful evening! Haven’t enjoyed myself so much for ages! Met a wide selection of really lovely people and made new friends and am already very excited for the next event. I very much felt I was finally meeting people with whom I resonate: my tribe, as you said.

Can’t wait for the next one!

P x

Good afternoon, Barbara,

I just wanted to say, what a wonderful evening I had, last night. I met so many wonderful, like- minded people. I will definitely be attending another evening!



HI Barbara,

Thanks for a fun evening last night and glad to know about the venue. I had a number of interesting conversations; it’s refreshing that you can circulate easily.   I thought the pizza was especially delicious!

M x


Bentley's party

Bentley’s Summer Lightning – A Summer Success!


Tuesday 3rd August 2021

The frankly chilly! August weather did not stop our lively crowd of single professionals from dressing to impress for our stunning party at Bentley’s. The elegant, spacious Swallow Street rooms, one of Piccadilly’s hidden gems, downstairs was the perfect backdrop for us to socialise in our private rooms – yes, not one but two.

The party kicked off with a welcome glass of Piper Heidsieck champagne with Richard Corrigan’s kitchen treating us with spoonsful of delicious Ceviche of Scallops and Gurnard Red Onion, Lime, Chilli along with cheese Gougère bites. Oysters could be ordered by those fancying them or indeed fancying sharing them! The impeccable Bentleys team of Adrian, Corrado and Alexis were on hand to keep our chattering crowd’s orders filled with great efficiency, no long queues at the bar for us. We had better things to do!

Who recognised our friend Bethany Russell, not is she just a raven-haired dream of a girl, she knows how to run an event and genuinely loves mingling and chatting and making sure everyone is happy.   I think there is a blog about her fine self somewhere on the Rendezvous website! We have a long history of working together. It’s not just Lou and I she gets along so well with. She loves all you gorgeous, fun, brilliant and maybe slightly eccentric people! Bethany and I met at Franco’s famous Rosé party and have run parties together at The Goat, Aquavit, The Court, Franco’s and now Bentley’s.

Now then, back to you lovely people… what a guest list we had, we booked 75 people for a party in August. Woop! 10 of those were pinged on the days running up to the party, but the United Pingdom of Rendezvous was not deterred, everything aligned perfectly, and on the night, we had a marvellously even split of men and women. We were delighted to welcome so many new guests and mingle into the crowd – thank you, Robin S, for helping us do that.

The room was quickly buzzing with conversation and laughter, with some choosing the quiet area of the library side to get to know each other.

It’s wonderful to hear that so many of you started new friendships and even were spotted eating a late supper upstairs. Bentley’s have three parties of their own in August, so if you fancy dropping in again, please check our newsletter (or their website) for details.

Some Lovely Feedback –

Good morning Barbara,

Thank you for inviting me to yesterday’s Summer Lightning Party. It was a real pleasure to meet you in person and thank you for all your hard work in putting together such a great mix of people in a great venue.

I had a lovely evening and have connected with a few people whom may become real friends, which is what it’s all about.

Warmest regards,


Dear Barbara

Thank you for organising the Bentleys event last night, it was very well attended with some charming people.


Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for a delightful party last night, I had a great time. After the difficult lock down months, everyone was in the mood to party, so there was a lively, friendly atmosphere. You are a great hostess, always very welcoming and you always manage to gather such interesting people!

Looking forward to your next event.

M x

Hello Barbara

Many thanks for a very entertaining evening last night.  Everyone’s delight at being able to mingle and meet new people was palpable. 

It also was striking how friendly everyone was, men and women, I look forward to coming again.




Rendezvous Returns at 28:50 Chelsea

Rendezvous Return Party at 28°- 50° Chelsea

22nd June 2021

What a wonderful night we had at the swish new Chelsea edition of our favourite restaurant family: 28:50. Our first party since September last year, how crazy to have had our wings clipped for all this time.

We were greeted by 28:50’s Head of Marketing, Jen Atkins, who is an unstoppable force; no ask, however small, is a problem such is her uniquely positive attitude.  Like a champagne cork that has just popped, she was off like a torpedo hosting our every whim.  I don’t know about you, our wonderful guests, but I could get used to that!  More effervescence came in the form of a glass of Prosecco on arrival which slipped down exceptionally well and 28:50 treated us with their signature snacks including delicious truffle arancini and artichoke tempura with aioli.  And just as it looked as if we might be about to faint from hunger (maybe a slight exaggeration) along came tray after tray of man-size burgers on delightfully light and fluffy brioche buns, I think the word on everyone’s lips was ‘don’t mind if I do’.

So, I think you’re getting the picture. Sumptuous and brand-new restaurant, highly capable staff including the fabulous Jen, Manager Monika overseeing, and the wonderful Ruben topping up drinks.

And what about our guests?  Yes, you.  There was such great energy in the room; the newbies were scooped up and treated like old friends and old friends treated as precious treasure.  It really is such a joy to have Rendezvous’ wonderful events back – thank you all for supporting us over the years and continually introducing us to your delightful, single friends.

Looking forward to a bigger party in August and I do apologise (on behalf of Boris) for the smaller numbers.


Some lovely feedback….

“Just want to thank you for a lovely evening. So good to see old friends and make links with new”

“Great evening last night.  So good to be back seeing all the Rendezvous-ers and to be free again socialising and seeing all the gang!! Loved the venue and the food was very good!! Looking forward to the next event”

“Thank you very much for organising such a great evening, I really enjoyed meeting new people and having lots of superb chats.”