Confidence & flavours Jan 12th 2016



It’s a particularly warm late January afternoon as I pop in to see gorgeous Bethany at Goat Chelsea to collect the canapés they’ve made for our Gallery Party at the Cadogan tonight.  I carve up Bethany’s gym plans by suggesting a quick ‘glass of confidence’ (“Hey why not? It’ll make me train harder”. Good girl!) So, feeling confidential, we compare notes on our complex love lives before, armed with boxes of fine goodies, I grab a cab to the Cadogan Gallery, where I’m greeted by the divine Lucasta, who is excited about their current exhibition and takes me through the artists we will be viewing as a backdrop to tonight’s event.  I really love the style of the artists Cadogan Contemporary represent; they are pieces you could put on a wall of your home and every time you move, that piece takes on a different character, almost changing slightly as you do.READ MORE