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Absolutely Fabulous: Sweetie is it me you’re looking for?

Ever get the feeling that July is becoming more like December every year – longer days, just as many hedonistic parties, but no Santa at the end of it?

Well fear not, our Absolutely Party was one party where all of our Christmas’s really did come at once!

I’d long been anticipating this party, ever since gracing the film set at the Hotel du Cap Riviera scene of Ab Fab the Movie on a sunny day in October 2015. Alright, you can’t really see much more than my big toe behind a fabulous hat-wearing Joan Collins.  But Sweetie it’s still my big toe; Sweetie it is!

It was a warm and bright July day when party day finally arrived.  I had dropped over to our cute-as-an-80s disco venue Ma Dame earlier in the day.  I had to stop myself from raiding the miniatures from our party bags filled with goodies from our brand partners Daniele de Winter, Bloom Gin, Franco’s of St James, Events on Fleek, Lumity, Hotel Chocolat and Stoli.

Stoli pulled out all the stops and sent us a mountain of Ab Fab paraphernalia, including cocktail suggestions, pink fans and cocktail umbrellas.  I had to fan myself a touch to cool down from the excitement!

Over at the pre-party, we’d turned my colleague Leila Benton-Jones’ London pad, around the corner from Ma Dame, into Eddy’s hideout house.  Leila’s other residence is Irnham Hall which is booked solid as a venue for weddings.  As an event host herself she had no problem allowing us to set up a pre-event suite for 25 members and go large with our big-hair and movie-star make-up crew.

And what a treat we had in store.  Rendezvous female members were offered free hair and makeup by the fabulously stylish Return to Glory’s team of top notch therapists.  There were Patsy’s a-plenty with towering beehives, fluffy Bubbles dos and even uproariously funny Eddys.  No holding back on the make up – full Patsy street slap – “Leave the natural look at home Sweetie”.

We’d made sure that the boys weren’t going to miss out – Bloom Gin stopped by with their girl power gin-du jour.  Made by distillatrix Joanne Moore with a delicate floral palette that feels more like a subtle peck on the palette than a full on male ginbanger’s punch!

Our favourite Jermyn Street restaurant, darling Franco’s dropped by with a case of delicious Prosecco and a stonking offer for our members.  See www.facebook.com/rdvlondon for details. – we liked it so much we made it our header.

Looking amazeballs, er ….fabulous Sweetie, and slightly tipsy, we trotted or taxi’d off around the corner.  None of our Patsys or Eddys fell out of cabs on the way there did they? Did you Pats Sweetie, did you? No one needs to know…

Chez Ma Dame Kylie’s version of Wheels on Fire was playing as we all scooped up Ma Dame’s killer welcome drinks, and in no time at all we had swished around the party and said hi to all those we knew, and all those we didn’t…well thanks to Fleek Photo Booth and closed curtains we soon did.

The Fleek Photobooth was a magnet to our glamourous guests who queued, posed, then ooed over their snaps.  Events on Fleek did an amazing job. What is it with their lighting?  We all look amazing – even with as many as six squeezed in. I want one at home!  Love the snogging action on film!  Do we know how to rock a good party or what?

Glamorous May, looking like a super stylish Amy Winehouse with her Patsy do, passed around Hotel Chocolat’s gloriously boozy cocktail chocolates. Sweetie darling? Oh yes please!

Then everyone hit the dance floor without a care in the world.

Fancy dress, fancy best.  Grabbed a goody bag (it is July Christmas after all) and then it was on to that journey home for the Eddy taxi exit that no one needs to know about…


Barbara Brudenell-Bruce

Barbara is a classic entrepreneur; her career has been defined by a series of iconic start-ups within telecoms, entertainment and fashion. She leads Investor Relations for a London-based consultancy raising capital for entrepreneurs. Alongside financial matchmaking she represents exclusive offline matchmaking agency Vida in London & Monaco, connecting their UHNW clients. Barbara’s innate sense of what it takes to fit people together, with a flair of hosting exquisite events, makes her a social anchor for all that know her.

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