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Tuesday, Jan 15th.  Boisdale of Belgravia

So around a windy mishmash of rooms we went – that being the eccentric approach to our private room in Boisdale of Belgravia the Auld Restaurant, its own cute stand-alone party venue within a party restaurant which was the venue of our January party. But then there’s a lot about Boisdale that’s eccentric, which, no surprise, is exactly what attracted us to the kooky-kitsch, red-walled, tartan-clad, cigar-smoking, jazz-loving group of restaurants in the first place!
With its charming and capable fun-pectation team, what could possibly go wrong?
Led by delightfully capable Head of Events, Miranda Hadsley-Chaplin, and cocktail maestro team Glen and Jose, they introduced us to a cocktail so delicious you really must try it at home.


Whisky sour with a twist
1 part Isle of Arran Whisky

2 parts lemon juice
2 dashes of Crème de Cacao

You can top up with fizzy water, if this version is too perky.
Stir, strain in a rocks-filled glass and garnish with lime


The night took off at a gallop and there were so many of us we were split into two groups. Boisdale’s Glen Collins ably stepped into the Whisky Ambassador shoes with his charming way led the assault on our palates with a glorious taste tour and masterclass. But wait, where’s the assault of Whisky proportions as we know it? This combination of whisky and chocolate is mellow – a warm, palette pleasing sensation, decidedly rich but decidedly dammed fine!
As Glen charmed our palates with his whiskey non-assault course, delightful elocutionist and Artisan du Chocolates ambassador Danny wowed us with a chocolate pairing combination that really hit the spot. She paired:

Robert Burns single malt with maple syrup sea salt caramel – No11

The Arran Malt 10-year old with Tasmanian honey dark chocolate ganache

The Arran Malt Amorone cask aged with tarragon and maple syrup milk chocolate ganache

Boisdale provided some post-whisky tasting snacks to keep the crowd er….standing, we were bolstered up with delicious Welsh rarebit bites and smoked artisan sausages with honey and mustard, yum!

Blending our two groups of 25 into one big group of 50 in our private Auld restaurant our boisterous crowd barely drew breath. Lots of new friendships were formed, numbers exchanged and, empowered with our deeper awareness of whisky and chocolat, we snuck back around the windy passageway. Eventually, that is – the party was so enthusiastic nobody (including moi) wanted to leave.  What a blast! To everyone involved in setting up this epic fun-feast, let’s do it again soon!


And some lovely feedback: –


Thanks for last night.  Great organization and ideal venue.  It was a great evening.  Enjoyed chatting with May and Lou and X is quite a card – I must call her!

J x

Hi B

Thanks for a wonderful evening, met some interesting people!  X, a fellow Scot, was a bit of alright…..!

C x

Hello B

What a wonderful evening!!! Thank you so much although my head is a little sore as I was part of a small group that stayed on and closed Boisdale’s down! The attendees were interesting, entertaining and great fun.  Look forward to seeing the whole gang again soon!

B x


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