Absolutely Crabulous – Weds 12th Sept.

Absolutely Crabulous | Fancy Crab Marylebone | London | W1U 3RD
Wednesday 12th September 7pm to 10pm


London has been love-struck, with the single-item menu over the past few years; we’ve had Chicken Shop, Bryon Burger, Ramon bars, but have we been given a sophisticated grown up single version?  Hold tight, we’ve got just the thing to get your claws into. Its sexy Marylebone eatery, Fancy Crab. Putting red king crab firmly in the limelight, Fancy Crab has single clawledly nailed the ethically sustainable supply line from Barents Sea to London, with the crabs cooked in seawater aboard a fishing rig to preserve the delicate flavour of the meat and ensure the crab doesn’t get stressed.

Have we got your attention?  Darling guests you are invited to a deliciously crabtastic extravaganza.  Fancy Crab’s Head Cref will show us how a 300 pound red king crab is delicately dissected and we us we’ll will get to devour its deliciousness in fancy canape glory.

Sip on a welcome glass of Prosecco, watch the crawsome crab show, party on afterwards in the private room.

Your crab-tastic one liner could win you a crabulous prize.  We’ve been limbering up our our skills in this invite.

Bring your friends for a night you truly will remember.

Date: Wednesday, 12th September, 2018

Party Size: 80

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Cost: Members £60 male/female, single £40 - Non-Members £80 male/female

Dress code: Autumn Sophisticated Casual

Whats included: Welcome glass of Prosecco and Crabtastic canapes.

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Password: Fancy

Barbara Brudenell-Bruce

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