Thomas Dakin Gin - Rendezvous Club Event

Club Event: Gin & Tuesdays – Tuesday 9th February

Celebrate banishing dry January with a tipple-tastic Tuesday mixer.

Take one part Thomas Dakin gin, one part tonic (just a splash) then stir ice noisily whilst trying not to be obvious about how fantastic you look with that post-January-detox glow.

About Thomas Dakin Gin

Made with eleven botanicals incl juniper, orange peel, coriander, angelica, cubeb pepper, liquorice and a hint of Red Cole aka horseradish!  We’ve of course taste-tested a tinkling glass or two are delighted to report, it is crisp, fresh & fragrant!

Thomas Dakin was an 18th Century Gin pioneer, who began producing gin in Warrington, founding what would later become Greenhalls.  It was of surprizing good quality for the day, and who is rightly celebrated.


Where: City Private Members Club

Date: Tuesday 9th February

Party Size: 30-40 People

Time: 6.00 –8.00 pm

What’s included: Gin tasting & nibbles between 6pm & 7pm; paying bar afterwards

Password: Sent to club members via email

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