Sip into Summer with Rosé Wines: Italian Sparkler, English Gem, and French Elegance

Tuesday 23rd May
28:50 Oxford Circus | Market Place | 4 Great Portland St | W1W 8QJ

What a fantastic way to embrace the warm spring season with an exquisite Rosé experience at 28°-50°’s stunning restaurant. The bar was filled with excitement as single guests gathered in our private area, eager to embark on a blind-tasting journey between England and France.

Thank you, Jules Bensacq, Group Head Sommelier, for presiding over our Rendezvous Rosé taste-off.  The evening unfolded with a delightful exploration of three captivating rosés.  And two distinctly different flavours with only their light pink colour in common!

We began with an Italian sparkling wine Colutta Colli Orientali del Friuli, crafted with Merlot grapes. Its vibrant flavours of wild berries and sweet grapefruit provided the perfect companion for pairing with delicious smoked salmon canapes.

Next, we blind-tasted an English gem, Yotes Court 2021 – Pinot Meunier. This pale pink rosé was a delight with its vibrant aromas of baked red berries, watermelon, and peach and a perfect partner for scrumptious mouthfuls of 28:50’s signature arancini.

Next in the blind-tasting was ….ah the familiar taste of Provence in AIX Rosé with its elegant salmon pink shade, enticing us with delicate aromas of fresh red fruits, peach, and subtle floral hints, culminating in a long and precise finish with a touch of minerality and the perfect pairing for moorish hummus canapes.

Now you’re wondering how the blind tasting ended and how the vote went.  I would like to say England came out as a new to the Rosé challenge winner, but no, France still got the majority vote, much to the pleasure of our French Sommelier maestro, I might add!

We extend our gratitude to Jen Atkins, Marketing Director extraordinaire, she and her team, including Ruben and Helena, are dedicated to crafting an exceptional experience. Until our next party, let us raise our glasses and celebrate the enchanting world of rosé, where each sip transports us to moments of pure bliss.

Barbara Brudenell-Bruce

Barbara is a classic entrepreneur; her career has been defined by a series of iconic start-ups within telecoms, entertainment and fashion. She leads Investor Relations for a London-based consultancy raising capital for entrepreneurs. Alongside financial matchmaking she represents exclusive offline matchmaking agency Vida in London & Monaco, connecting their UHNW clients. Barbara’s innate sense of what it takes to fit people together, with a flair of hosting exquisite events, makes her a social anchor for all that know her.

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