We Met, Mingled and Enjoyed Wonderful Jazz

Tuesday 7th November | 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm

28°-50° By Night 76 Jason Court | Wigmore St | London | W1U 2SJ

Tuesday night’s event felt rather mischievous, stepping down into our Mix, Mingle and Music event at 28-50 by night. There is nothing like descending a flight of stairs into a seductively lit jazz club. With private use of the space, it soon became abuzz with an exciting energy, filled with an eclectic mix of new and familiar faces, all coming together for an unforgettable evening.

The wonderful thing about meeting in person is that you never know who that next conversation is going to be with. Elsa and Lou mixed up the room and it was so cute to see little bits of paper with phone numbers written on it exchanging hands – such a treat to find that in your coat pocket or handbag the next day. Thank you to those guests who brought a plus one, it meant there were so many new people in the room, and we hope they enjoyed meeting us as much as we enjoyed hosting them.

28.50’s dedicated team worked tirelessly to ensure every guest felt welcomed from the meticulously served prosecco and delectable canapés to the seamless service.  Raymond made sure that glasses were filled up throughout the evening and the fantastic Jen ensured that the delicious canapes circulated seamlessly. Spanish omelette with aioli, mushroom & truffle tartlet and mini burgers with caramelised onions were enjoyed by all.

As the clock struck 8 pm we had such a cool vibe in the room that James Hudson kicked off the jazz sounds early with his take on Frank Sinatra. Our singles mingled, laughed, and created lasting connections – here’s to many more of these magical moments in 2024.

Our guests loved 28:50 By Night as much as much as we did. Its mix of first-class live music and an impeccable food and wine menu partnered our event perfectly.

Some lovely feedback –

Nice evening as ever. I remet someone from a Rendezvous party years ago and I had misunderstood her and she always wondered why I had not been in contact!………fate?

I live outside of London but visit regularly. I’ve found that the Rendezvous singles events are so beautifully curated. Each unique party provides me with a wonderful entree into a local social life that I might not ordinarily be able to build on my own. I always end up making a new friend or two (for romance but also friendships or just people to go out for coffee with – men and women alike).      I feel comfortable and at ease, due to our shared interest in meeting each other, and the atmosphere of warmth and camaraderie which is the unwritten expectation at all of Barbara’s events. I will never feel lonely visiting London again as long as I can make it to a Rendezvous gathering!

Maroto’s Marvellous Evening: Cocktails, Connections, and Cheeky Charm

Thursday 28th September – 18:30 pm – 20:30 pm

Maroto l 4 Vere Street. London

Our Maroto event was an absolute blast. We sipped, we mingled, and we celebrated in style. It was a night of connection, charm, and cocktails that left everyone feeling …well…marvellous!

A Grand Entrance: Guests Shimmied and Shook Things Up

The evening kicked off with a sizzle as our guests made their way into the newest Cocktail Bar in town. The atmosphere was electric, and the sumptuous space quickly filled with our gorgeous guests. Maroto’s sleekly polished countertops and art deco interiors added an air of sophistication, it was the perfect setting for an unforgettable night.

Cocktail Artistry: Maroto’s Mixology Magic

Now, let’s talk about the stars of the night—the Maroto team. They were nothing short of cocktail maestros! As a welcome gesture, they concocted the “Marotinia,” a tantalizing twist on the classic caipirinha featuring Zeca de Mato Cachaca, berries, and lime. For our non-drinking aficionados, there was the refreshing “Sabia Passion” mocktail, made with Seedlip 94, pineapple soda, passionfruit, and lime. Cheers to options for everyone!

Luxury and elegance: mingling in style.

And the canapes just kept coming, we were treated with Tapioca tacos with seasoned mushrooms with cashew nut cream, Pao de queijo – those gorgeous mouthfuls of baked cheese dough ball-deliciousness, and sourdough crackers with beef tartare with shitake confit, mustard mayo and summer truffle. Scrumptious!

As the night went on, guests mingled happily in a low-lit, moody temple of refined decadence. Picture this: a centrepiece X-shaped formation of plump and velvety plush sofas, all bathed in the glow of gorgeous chandeliers. It was an ambiance tailor-made for sparking connections and sharing stories.

Our Fantastic Team: The Heroes Behind the Scenes

Behind every great event is a team of dedicated individuals who make it all happen. A big shoutout to Monty whose brain child this was plus Giorgia, the master behind the bar, Jean-Pierre, our trusty bar back, Edo, the head waiter who kept everything running smoothly, Hanna, the cloakroom guardian, Priscilla, our attentive waitress, and GianLuca, the head bartender extraordinaire. Not to forget General Manager Luca and Chef Nilson these folk ensured that every guest felt like royalty.

Winner of Dinner for two.

And the fun didn’t end there! One lucky gent is coming back to dine at Bossa, the restaurant upstairs. Bossa is run by none other than Brazil’s most celebrated chefs, Alberto Landgraf (with two Michelin stars, no less!). The restaurant is known for its “fun and relaxed” vibe, which means our winner is in for a memorable meal with two courses of contemporary Brazilian food and a bottle of wine. That is a prize worth winning!

Our Maroto event felt like a true triumph. Stay tuned for our next event, because when Maroto is involved, you know it’s going to be a night to remember!

Some lovely feedback –

I so enjoyed the very upscale and stylish Rendezvous 40-+ singles in London event at Maroto!  The party was perfectly curated for getting to know everyone in a friendly environment. Normally intimidated by such things, especially if they feel too competitive, I would have stayed away. But I was assured that I would feel among friends (just friends that I haven’t met yet) and within a like-minded tribe of people who enjoy dressing up and meeting new friends. Literally everyone I met at the event were gracious, mannered, and conversational. This was indeed all I’d hoped for. I had a fantastic time! I was thrilled by the ratio of men to women. The hostesses know how to bring out the best in everyone. You won’t be standing alone for long before a kind or friendly (or handsome/attractive) person approaches for a light conversation. Loved it!

Just would like to say a huge thank you, what a wonderfully organised party last night, in such beautiful surroundings too. Congratulations 🎉 really well done! Thank you for including me x

Lovely to see you last night, and thanks again for organising another fabulous evening! A lovely new venue, a good mix of people and some really enjoyable conversations….and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have won the dinner for two prize!!

Thank you for a lovely evening with the lovely Rendezvous people ‘comme toujours’. Great venue too!

Marvellous Maroto Party!

Maroto | Exclusive Use | 4 Vere St. | London | W1G 0DH

Thursday 28th September 2023 | 6:30 pm – 8.30 pm

Age 40 plus


Dolce Vita Party!

The Italian Greyhound | Private Room | 62 Seymour Street | W1H 5BN

Thursday 1st August 2023 | 6:00 pm – 8.00 pm

Ages 40s, 50s, and 60s


We Loved The Dolce Vita

Tuesday 1st August 2023
The Italian Greyhound, Marylebone

Our August Dolce Vita party at The Italian Greyhound, set off at pace with exciting three-minute Get-Chatting tables! We know initial conversations can sometimes be a challenge, so special guest Relationship Coach Mick Johal, injected fun, quirky sure-fire questions to ensure light-hearted entertainment to the max!

The key to successful dating is curiosity and a genuine interest in getting to know someone new. Our carefully crafted prompts helped our Chatters unleash their personalities and find common ground. Laughter filled the room as everyone enthusiastically shared their answers and experiences.

Here are some of the conversation starters that got the ball rolling:

  • “If you could possess any superpower, which would you choose and why?”
  • “Let’s talk travel! What’s your dream destination, and what would you love to explore there?”
  • “Foodie alert! What would it be if you had to survive on just one type of cuisine for the rest of your life?”
  • “Adventure awaits! What’s the most daring thing you’ve done or always wanted to do?”
  • “If you could step back in time and meet any historical figure, who would it be, and what would you ask them?”
  • “Time to unleash your inner performer! What’s your go-to karaoke song?”
  • “Hidden talents are the best! Share something quirky or unique about yourself.”
  • “Imagine being stranded on a deserted island. What three items would you want by your side?”

As the night progressed, genuine connections were forged, strangers turned into friends, and the chemistry was right for some potential matches. Our singles mingled, laughed, and discovered shared interests, making The Italian Greyhound the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable evening.

We could feel the magic in the air, whether it was a shared passion for adventure, a mutual love for Italian cuisine, or the spark ignited by laughter and wit. Thank you to Tom and Pedro who kept the drinks flowing. We enjoyed a charming 2021 vintage of Côtes de Provence, L’Écorce Buissonnière, perfect for a summer evening.

We can’t wait to host another night of fun and heartwarming conversations where singles can explore the exciting world of potential relationships in the spirit of curiosity and genuine interest.

Until then, let new conversations lead the way!

Some lovely feedback:

Hi Barbara

Thank you so much for your huge effort arranging these parties, so great as a singleton to speak to others in the same boat. A lovely gentleman even popped me in a taxi using his Uber account, how very kind of him!

Thanks lots for everything.

L xx

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for a fun evening last night. It was my second event, and I’m finding myself a little less intimidated and even approached a man to initiate a conversation! Baby steps.

R x

Hi Barbara,

Just to say thank you for such a well-arranged evening. A really interesting group. I made connections with some women and also guys from a networking view and possibly friends. 

Regards, R

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for yet another great evening! The venue worked very well, it was light and airy, there was a good mix of people, and everybody was very friendly.

J x

Sip into Summer with Rosé Wines: Italian Sparkler, English Gem, and French Elegance

Tuesday 23rd May
28:50 Oxford Circus | Market Place | 4 Great Portland St | W1W 8QJ

What a fantastic way to embrace the warm spring season with an exquisite Rosé experience at 28°-50°’s stunning restaurant. The bar was filled with excitement as single guests gathered in our private area, eager to embark on a blind-tasting journey between England and France.

Thank you, Jules Bensacq, Group Head Sommelier, for presiding over our Rendezvous Rosé taste-off.  The evening unfolded with a delightful exploration of three captivating rosés.  And two distinctly different flavours with only their light pink colour in common!

We began with an Italian sparkling wine Colutta Colli Orientali del Friuli, crafted with Merlot grapes. Its vibrant flavours of wild berries and sweet grapefruit provided the perfect companion for pairing with delicious smoked salmon canapes.

Next, we blind-tasted an English gem, Yotes Court 2021 – Pinot Meunier. This pale pink rosé was a delight with its vibrant aromas of baked red berries, watermelon, and peach and a perfect partner for scrumptious mouthfuls of 28:50’s signature arancini.

Next in the blind-tasting was ….ah the familiar taste of Provence in AIX Rosé with its elegant salmon pink shade, enticing us with delicate aromas of fresh red fruits, peach, and subtle floral hints, culminating in a long and precise finish with a touch of minerality and the perfect pairing for moorish hummus canapes.

Now you’re wondering how the blind tasting ended and how the vote went.  I would like to say England came out as a new to the Rosé challenge winner, but no, France still got the majority vote, much to the pleasure of our French Sommelier maestro, I might add!

We extend our gratitude to Jen Atkins, Marketing Director extraordinaire, she and her team, including Ruben and Helena, are dedicated to crafting an exceptional experience. Until our next party, let us raise our glasses and celebrate the enchanting world of rosé, where each sip transports us to moments of pure bliss.


Martinez | 49 Greek Street | London | W1D 4EG

Tuesday 21st March

We sprung into spring in style. A room brimming with our Rendezvous choreographed crowd enjoying a lively soiree in the best kept secret in Soho, the Martinez Club – there were many compliments about its very special charm, mystery and intrigue.

It was lovely to see guests enjoy the Tidal Ginger cocktail. This craft rum was the perfect base for a series for rum-based vintage cocktails as well as much-loved classics, created on the night by Martinez’s clever mixologists. Bright, warming and fresh, so many of you commented on its unique flavour and character. This link takes you to Tidal Rum’s Cocktail list and club.

The Martinez interior is bursting with carefully curated art from resident artist Julia Warr. Her famous clunky figure painting, which takes inspiration from performance, running and walking, gave our guests a lively conversation opener. She says that in her studio she feels like a DJ on a new gig; her creations are in the moment, mixing both colour and consistency to create visual impact.

With effortless charm, our team, including Lou, Mimi and Robin, helped over seventy single professionals mix and mingle and cocktails, conversations and camaraderie continued flowing long after the event finished. The divine little Cumberland sausage rolls and riviera croques were popular with everyone in the room.

Members – remember you have three months complimentary membership to Martinez so you can drop in for a cosy cocktail this spring. Thank you to the team Maurice, Marshall, Martin and Theresa and the wonderful people at Tidal Rum who helped make this an unforgettable night. 

Some lovely Feedback –

Hi B

It was a great evening last night at the Martinez don’t know where you find these little clubs! Good to see lots of newbies (did a lot of chatting last night) Pls book me in for the next one xx

Dear Barbara 

Thank you so much for the introductions last night. I really clicked with X; and X was a lot of fun and was very attentive with us. 

Please keep me in the loop for the next one! 

Warmest regards T x

Hello Barbara,

Thanks for a great evening.

It was great to step into Martinez from a grey London day (despite it now being Spring)..  The cocktail brought back tropical breezes and a carefree vibe.   There were lots of new people to meet, and old friends to catch up with. Altogether a very fun evening!  Many thanks to you, Lou and Mimi.

Cheers, A

PS I particularly enjoyed talking to X – super bright research scientist!

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for organising last night, making me feel welcome 😊, it was a great night and everyone was super friendly.

Best P x