Jamming in Jeru – what a party!

Jeru Restaurant | 11 Berkeley St | Mayfair | W1J 8DS

Tuesday 13th September

Our plan with glam new Mayfair restaurant Jeru hatched last week and engaged our group of fun-loving guests. Lou suggested we should give a prize to the best Middle Eastern joke. Well, suffice to say, we canned that idea, deciding it was too hard – but Lou’s effort wasn’t half bad, although I did have to ask if she’d like more cheese with it …haha!

“Why should we hire the chickpeas to be part of our choir?

They could hummus a song!”

Now, something that is definitely not cheesy is Chef Roy Ner’s first London restaurant, Jeru; the favourite newbie for everyone-in-the-know.

Our lucky guests arrived at our private room, The Layla Bar, to find it boldly decorated with stunning art and the bar shining with over 100 glasses of glistening Prosecco, providing the perfect welcome.

Sensational!  And the treats didn’t stop there: we munched through the freshest Middle Eastern sharing plates, including potato fermented wood-fired bread, koji butter and truffle honey. Welsh lamb capocollo, lamb and fennel salami and Angus rump Basturma. White bean hummus, Goats curd, and Aubergine Baba dip – all so Moorish.

Thank you, Liv and Jess from Jeru, for being such welcoming hosts. And one lucky guest won the stunning prize of a dinner for two at Jeru worth £250. I wonder if his wing woman got the invite to dinner!

The room was in very good spirits, with at least 50 new people who were just such fun to have in the room and mixed enthusiastically with our regulars, which, as usual, felt like a group of treasured and fun friends.

Roll on our last event of the year, which will be in November. It has been a pleasure for Lou, Elsa and me to run Rendezvous this year.

Some lovely feedback:

What a fabulous evening!  Thank you so much for organising Tuesday’s event – great choice of venue, a lovely crowd and a delightful evening. It was a really nice mix, and hugely enjoyable.  Oh, and apologies for photo bombing your photo shoot towards the end – exuberant spirits caused by a super party! 

Thank you for organising Tuesday’s very successful party. It’s always great to visit places that we’d never normally go to, and Jeru was a fabulous venue.  Everyone seemed pleased to have the chance to socialise in such a sad week. I had a great time and met some very interesting people, easy to chat with very low music in background and plenty of staff who were very polite and service really quick so no queues for drinks. What’s not to like.  Thank you!

I had a very enjoyable social evening and thought that your venue really worked well. Everyone I spoke with was very engaging….I had pretty much dip out of the dating market as I really didn’t like the online platforms and much prefer meeting people socially which I think takes away lots of pressure to all.

Great to see you on Tuesday. Another successful Rendezvous event.👍🏼

I wanted to say thank you so much for inviting me to the event you hosted at Jeru last night. It was really lovely to meet you and I enjoyed the evening very much. 

Thank you for squeezing me in. It was a fun night and great to get out and mingle. Would love to come to the next one! 

Lovely evening last night lots of nice people old and new.  Good turnout Like the venue Bit different! 

Time to Disconnect from Digital Dating

Cosmo Landesman has become a familiar face at our social events and private dinners. It was interesting to read his take on online dating in the Telegraph.

As Cosmo rightly says, many of us have become disillusioned or downright fed up with online dating. Date fatigue is ubiquitous. Another day, another dating friend tells me they have deleted their apps. But we forget how when they first appeared in our lives, they seemed so wonderful and liberating.

But where could he meet that someone who would become his One? The One. What kind of someone did he want to meet? Would they want to meet him? Online dating sites seemed to have all the answers to all his questions and the solutions to his anxieties about finding love.

Cosmo Landesman: ‘Anything has to be better than another night with a stranger who looked nothing like their profile, listening to them bang on about their ex’.

Rather a lovely recommendation

Not long ago, one of my online dates took me to an offline dating group called Rendezvous. Here, I got to have a nice drink in a classy setting and meet lots of people. It made me question my whole online future – why was I spending time and money with ­people who, if I had met them in real life, I would never have asked out for a date? It was time to stop being desperate and become more discriminating. Or maybe it’s time to disconnect from online dating?

Rendezvous creates an environment where single professional people can meet without all the pressure of the online dating scene. Each party has the vibe of an impromptu celebration. Our regular guests are welcoming, laid back, but lively. Instead of the usual chat-up routines, everyone engages in conversation.

Our small team helps introduce people, mixing up the crowd to create a relaxed environment where you can be yourself. You don’t have to act or ­pretend to be someone you’re not the way you feel compelled to on a one-to-one date.

Join us at one of our socials

Dance at the Dilly

The Dilly – The Piano Bar
| 21 Piccadilly | London | W1J 0BH

Wednesday 13th July | 6:00-8:30pm 


Jamming in Jeru

Jeru Restaurant | 11 Berkeley St,| Mayfair | W1J 8DS

Tuesday 13th September | 6:30 – 8:30 pm 


Love Surgery featuring Cosmo Landesman & Rowen Pelling

Wednesday 23th March

28:50 By Night | 76 Jason Court | Wigmore St | London | W1U 2SJ

What an evening it was!  This must have been the best cocktail party and fun therapy session we have ever run. In the decadent basement of 28-50 By Night, we were entertained by former legendary editor of The Erotic Review, Rowen Pelling and former Sunday Times dating columnist Cosmo Landesman. They kicked off the night with frank and funny talk about Love, Dating, Romance – and everything you were afraid to ask…but did anyway!

A Rendezvous event is always something special. But this one exceeded all expectations. Great atmosphere. Great crowd. And Rowan and I had a brilliant time. ” Cosmo Landesman …. available for marriage!

As he says his most memorable moment was when he asked one of the beautiful lady guests if she would like to get married?” and she said, “Yes – but only to you!”

We sipped on glasses of the sparkling Villa Folini, Prosecco. We ate taste-tickling canapes including wild mushroom tarts, artichoke tempura with aioli. Honey roasted fig and serrano ham and rhubarb and custard tarts, prepared by Head Chef Kris Wysocki. 28:50’s team extraordinaire included Riccardo, Helena, Eve, George and Bryan.  And least we forgot the marvellous Jen Atkins Head of Marketing, overseeing the night with energetic enthusiasm!

Jazz After Party

And we stayed late! Guests continued to mingle and enjoy the effortless repertoire of the Stella Angelika Quartet.  As the night got later, there were plenty of people dancing, and quite some moves, and shapes were made! 

The vibe was upbeat and happy. Who would have thought that for so many of the guests, this was their first experience of Rendezvous.  We look forward to welcoming you back to our May drinks party and our July Dancing Party.

Some lovely feedback –

Dear Barbara,

I just wanted to say thank you, Louise and everyone else, for a fun evening at love surgery. Looking forward to the next event!

All the best, M x

Dear Barbara

As always it was lovely to see you on Wed. I found Rowan and Cosmo highly entertaining, I could have listened to them for so much a lot longer!

Best C x

Dear Barbara 

Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful evening last night. I had a great time and had many interesting and fun chats. 

It was so good to meet you and also Lou. You were both so welcoming and friendly which made all the difference. 

Warmest regards F x

Dear Barbara,

It was so nice meeting you yesterday. Your hospitality is amazing, I really enjoyed the evening. Keep me updated about any upcoming events please. 

Kind regards Z x

March Jazz Dinner at 28-50 By Night

There’s something rather mischievous about stepping down a flight of stairs into a jazz club. With a seductive low-lit room, your eyes are drawn to the well-lit stage, warming up for some on stage action as the evening goes on.

28:50 By Night – is a hybrid breed, part of the successful wine restaurant group, it’s a budding newcomer to the jazz scene.  Setting itself up nicely to lead the charge for being able to provide first class music along with an impeccable food and wine menu.

Our Rendezvous Member’s Jazz dinners are a bit different to our usual stand-up mix and mingle events. We bring together a wonderful group of like-minded people for an enjoyable sit-down dinner and drinks.  With a backdrop of excellent music, our group of men and women (10 of each) enjoyed excellent conversation and a certain amount of sassy fun!

And it sounds like the members enjoyed it too…

“Hi Barbara,

Many thanks for organizing the jazz dinner this week.  I liked the format and had some interesting chats.

I thought the food was terrific and they did a great job ensuring everyone was served.  The jazz was lovely –I couldn’t believe it when I looked at my watch and it was after midnight!

Have a great weekend

A x”