Latest Ideas for an Outdoor Date!

With summer on our doorstep and sunshine in the sky, it’s the perfect setting for an outdoor date! Check out our recommendations for London enjoying fresh air romance in natural settings.

The rules around being outside and with whom are changing every week, so we always recommend that you follow any protocols that are advised. That said with summer on our doorstep and sunshine in the sky, it’s really ideal for an outdoor date. Here are our recommendations in London for enjoying inspiring fresh air romance in natural settings. Perfect for walking and talking without anything but the view to distract you.



The Royal Parks in London are the most accessible by foot or bicycle so you can avoid travelling on public transport. You may also want to try Wheely for car transport as they have strict protocols around cleaning of vehicle interiors and drivers wearing masks. Regents Park is glorious and the perfect time to visit the rose garden. St James Park and Green Park come with Royal views of Buckingham Palace and Spencer House, as well lots of ducks, swans and geese to feed. Hyde Park offers the opportunity to venture off the pathways and into the longer grass and under the trees that leave you feeling like you’re in the middle of the countryside. Pack a picnic, water or wine for a lazy afternoon as an outdoor date. Top tip: go super early and pick up a croissant and coffee.


Country walks are now allowed, and if you have a car to drive out all the better. If not rent one for 24 hours to give you the freedom. Government guidance says “day trips to outdoor open spaces, in a private vehicle, are permitted’. If you love Winnie the Pooh, then it’s time you visited the spaces that inspired his stories. Ashdown Forest is not far out of London and here is a guide to making the walk.


If you need fresh sea air then the South Downs Way offer spectacular views and plenty of space to feel free for your outdoor date. The Thames outside London offers some of the most beautiful riverside walks within proximity of the capital. Goring Gap and the Riverside Path are a perfect place to experience the beauty.


Mid evening walks are great while it’s light so late, and also when you don’t have to dodge so many people out and about. Pack a bottle of champagne and glasses for a stroll along the Embankment – a lovely spot as the sun goes down and the lights on the Battersea Bridge begin to twinkle like a diamante necklace. Walk down Old Church Street in Chelsea to the garden at the end for moments of quiet contemplation.


Slowly and surely the opportunity to interact and venture out is resuming. Whatever you do, be safe and careful, always following the guidance, and before long, we’ll be sharing our top tips on places open for you to dine and clink glasses like we used to.

Rachel Vida MacLynn

Founder & CEO of The Vida Consultancy

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